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for High Net Worth Individuals

Release Equity from your vehicle

Life, opprtunities and challenges change. When you need a cash injection it’s often to take advantage of a business opportunity or to sort short term liquidity. GT HUB have a range of products based around equity release from your car designed to take care of both.

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Finance a New Purchase

We know the feeling. You see a car you really want, but you can’t quite see a way to own it at that point in time. Then, when you are ready, the opportunity is gone! GT HUB make it easy to secure that car when you want it – because life is too short for regrets.

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What we do

Our services and products

At GT HUB, we assist our clientele in a range of capacities, from equity release to refinancing vehicles and vehicle purchase. We provide highly competitive business loans that are available regardless of credit history. Our services include:

  • Equity Release
  • Car Refinance
  • Car Purchase
  • Portfolio Finance

Lease Purchase

Equity Release

Short Term Buy Back

Sales and Lease Back
About us

GT HUB are ready to serve your needs.

Founded by Faris Fisher, GT HUB was set up to provide vehicle finance and to help customers secure equity release.

Faris and our Partner Funders have decades of combined experience in both high end cars and finance so are well-placed to help customers secure finance for their next purchase. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or modern supercars, we use our specialist sector knowledge to provide a truly bespoke experience.

For flexible finance solutions and a fast, discreet & professional service, please contact our team today.


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The Process

How it works

The process is designed to be as straightforward as possible whilst ensuring that you get the most appropriate product. You are dealing direcly with a lender rather than a broker so solutions are quick and efficient and centred on providing effective lending solutions.

  • APPLICATION SUBMISSIONWe use a short application to get a feel for your needs, the car and your specific requirements. Once we have the basics we contact you to narrow down the product options and ensure that we supply you with the best solution to save you both time and money
  • VEHICLE VALUATIONWhether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or you are using your current vehicle to release equity, we use our in house panel of experts to provide a fair valuation on the vehicle so that you have confidence in the market value regardless of the product supplied
  • Product OfferSCF provide you with funding options and we pride ourselves on being flexible so we consider non standard circumstances and arrangements. Everything is transparent so you know exactly what the deal entails and we provide a tailor made funding solution
  • Vehicle InspectionWe inspect the vehicle on site in order to ensure fair value and condition. This is particularly important where you are releasing equity on an asset but it’s also of use in getting a second opinion when using SCF to purchase a vehicle.
  • Release of FundsWhen purchasing a new vehicle using a SCF product, we will pay the balance to the dealer quickly and directly. Where you are using a product to release equity from a vehicle you own, we look to do a same day transfer into your account once the steps are complete

Process Details